Do you ever wake up in the morning feeling totally exhausted instead of refreshed? And then the entire day feels clouded by the initial ugh? I want to introduce you to affirmations, which can help you start the day with a positive mindset and help you be mindful, even during difficult moments with your children.

After having two kids in less than two years, I was feeling overwhelmed most mornings, especially once the baby started getting ear infections and was up all night. It was truly miserable and I felt like I could never face each day to be my best.

I needed a plan to help me start the day off with a positive mindset, even if things weren’t perfect. We all know, things rarely are. That’s just a reality, and one of the benefits of making mistakes is also the opportunity to learn from them and have our children see us do that.

Around that same time, my husband was following some popular figures, and one of them mentioned something called, “affirmations,” as being a major part of their business success. I thought… if it helps somebody manage a multimillion-dollar business, why couldn’t it help me manage my life too? Being a parent, managing a household, it’s not much different than running a business. You have to run a budget, stay on top of things, and help your customers (yourself, kids, husband, family) stay happy.

What are affirmations?

Affirmations are statements that you can personalize and use each day to help you start out with a positive mindset and focus on what is important to you.

I use these each morning to help put me in the right place and set my intentions for the day. It’s five minutes of quiet time that I can spend to regroup and make sure I’m focused on the important things, so I don’t get so flustered over the small stuff.

For example:

I am a good parent. Today, i will be kind, firm and loving with my children. I am in the process of becoming more positive. When I forgive myself, I show my children how to also be forgiving.

How do I create my own affirmations?

  1. Set aside time in your day, each day to devote to affirmations (preferably each morning).
  2. Focus your affirmations on positive things.
  3. Include elements for yourself and for your relationships with people important to you.
  4. Choose a daily intention and plan how you will achieve it.

That’s it!

Give it a try tomorrow and let me know if it was helpful to you.