Individual And Family Coaching

✅ You are passionate about respectful, peaceful parenting methods…

✅ You dream of a simple, relaxed family life without clutter and frustration…

✅ You strive to raise self-confident, well-adjusted, empathetic, independent, critical-thinking children

✅ You need a focus on quality over slim4vit farmacia best reviews quantity of time with your family due to a busy lifestyle…

✅ You are tired of advice that sounds good but isn’t actionable and makes you feel less in control…

✅ You feel overwhelmed by the insane number of modern parenting philosophies

You do not have to weed through all the parenting advice on the internet to come up with a practical family system that fits your unique situation. We won’t be talking about vague strategies, but realistic and actionable methods that apply to your child, yourself, and your relationship so you can raise good people without giving up on your personal passions

What We Will Talk About…

  • Your goals and dreams
  • What is standing in your way
  • Resources that are available to you

How We Will Design Your Guilt Free Lifestyle…

  • Morning/Evening Routine and Time Management
  • Preparing your family environment for success
  • Respectful methods to deal with child behavioral challenges
  • Practical skills for changing detrimental habits
  • How to build authentic and satisfying relationships within your family
  • Identify educational and life skill activities you can implement at home
  • Focus on quality time instead of quantity of time spent with family

I only work with a limited number of families, so it may take some time to schedule your appointment. I will do my best to respond as quickly as possible.

Please also plan for our discussion to occur when your children are being cared for elsewhere. I will not talk about children or parenting methods in front of them, because I think this is disrespectful and ultimately detrimental.

If you are looking for a coach who will advocate or encourage behavior modification techniques such as time out, counting down, or spanking, then I am not the right slim4vit farmacia best reviews coach for your family. But, if you currently use these techniques and are ready to make a change, I would love to work with you on learning and implementing alternative, peaceful methods of dealing with child behavior challenges.

Not sure yet if the Guilt Free Families lifestyle is right for you?

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Download Your FREE Parent De-Stress Toolkit!

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Want to learn how to end your toddler’s tantrums and prevent them from even happening in the first place? ?

We’re talking about CONSISTENTLY stopping tantrums in their tracks without:

? Guesswork
? Ignoring
? Time-outs or discipline
? Getting frustrated and losing your cool

Stress tantrums aren’t natural. They aren’t a choice for your toddler.

But you want to stop the tantrums… so use a scientific method to help your child learn to manage their stress and emotions at an early age. ❤️

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